Christmas caroling takes on a new meaning

Last night’s track workout was definitely the most unusual yet–and yes, it was even fun, dare I say (shh, no one tell Coach Kris, or she’ll make us do it again ;)). We’ve done circuit workouts at track before, but never like this: we did twelve rounds of circuits, all done to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas.

Think for a second about what this means… This means that each round, we add a new exercise, perform it at the # of reps that that particular round calls for ON TOP OF the previous exercises we’d picked up at each round. Yup. How does 12 blazin’ burpees, 11 toes a prancin’, 10 crabs a walking, 9 seconds of side planks (on each side), 8 butt kicks, 7 speed skaters, 6 runners running, 5 push-ups, 4 walking lunges, 3 jumpking jacks, 2 squats, and a 15-second front plank sound? Well, when you do this 12 times, with a lap on the track in between each round, I can tell you it gets exhausting ;).

But it was fun and boy did we get a workout :). And hey, we even got to “skip” core this week (ok, not really–it was already built into the circuit workout itself).

What will the coaches have in store for us next track, I wonder?

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