They won’t all be good…

Just as the U.S. Postal Service delivers in rain, sleet, snow, we runners are supposed to be able to run through anything: including sluggishness. Blech.

Today was one of those days. It’s been a slack week for sure, with Christmas and eating and not a lot of sleep and eating and relaxing and… did I mention eating? Fortunately I’ve managed to keep up with my workouts, but without the proper sleep and nutrition, my body definitely feels when I’m not treating myself well.

This weekend was an on your own weekend, when we were supposed to run 6 miles–you guessed it, on our own. Janine, Dianne, and I had volunteered to lead a run at Campbell Park and we set off for our 6 miles. Within a few minutes, Janine and I noticed we were breathing heavily and not really feeling all that great. By mile 2, we decided to adjust our 4:1 interval to a 2:1 interval so we could take it easier and still get our 6 miles in. Turned out to be a fantastic thing, as we managed to finish our run and feel marginally better.

In the end, we finished in 1 hour and 14 minutes (that includes 2 separate stretch breaks), which is roughly our 10K race time from the Turkey Trot. Not bad for feeling sluggish, eh? But I can’t overemphasize the importance of running with someone. Had I been running by myself, I would have turned around before I hit the first mile marker ;).

Here’s hoping next week’s run will be much more pleasant!

One thought on “They won’t all be good…

  1. Yep, this run pretty much sucked for the first two-thirds of it. I’m glad it’s over…and I definately would have turned around before the first mile marker if it weren’t for my run buddy 🙂 Glad we got the bad run of the season out of the way.

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