They may not all be good…

… but some of them will be VERY good :).

I wasn’t sure what to expect from today’s 14-miler–after all, last week’s 6-miler was, shall we say, sub-optimal. Ok, it sucked. I was still a little haunted by that, and although I had a great track workout (30 more seconds shaved off the ol’ 5K time :)), I didn’t do a buddy run on Thursday and did a VERY light workout on Friday (pulled out an old exercise video and barely worked up a sweat). It all had the makings of another blah run today.

But as always seems to happen with these kinds of runs, low expectations result in incredible runs. Janine and I finished the run in 3 hours and 1 minute, which is a bit overestimated, given that we stopped several times to stretch and get refills at water stops. That means we most likely did 14 miles in UNDER THREE HOURS.

Now to most people that may not seem very fast, but given that our last 1/2 marathon (the San Jose Rock N’ Roll last October) took us a little over 3 hours, this is HUGE, people. We basically ran an extra mile in just about (and a little under, as a matter of fact) the same time.

Holy pace busters, Batman!

Now we’re still not quite at the pace we’d really like to be for Napa, but we are well on our way. A few more days like these, and we’ll be in very good shape :).

Oh and yes, I did do another ice bath. This time, I used 3 bags of ice instead of just 1, and boy oh boy what a difference it made. I have NO PAIN right now. None. No soreness, no pain, no bad things whatsoever. I feel fantastic!!

This ice bath thing is a keeper.

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