Of 20-milers, 10K’s, and new shoes

Several weeks behind on updating, so I’ve got lots to catch up on. It’s been a very busy last few weeks in terms of running!

I should start by saying, hooray, I am finally in taper! During the summer season, taper was NOT a fun time for me (I believe the best way I can sum it up is that I was constantly climbing the walls from all the pent-up energy). This season, though… well, let’s just say it’s another story! With the training taking place in a far more condensed time period, it’s been a challenge all the way and I am very much looking forward to taking it easy and resting up till the big day.

Not that I didn’t go into taper without a big bang. The “last hurrah” was quite spectacular: a 20-miler in ridiculously gorgeous Monterey. We’ve been very, very lucky all season in that the rain–plentiful though it has been at times–seems to let up whenever we have a long run on hand. This run was no exception, as the rain from the previous night cleared just in time and we had a mild, sunny day throughout the entire first half of the day. With these kind of views (see pic), it was hard to notice any aches and pains, though there were some. My ankle issue flared up in the very end, though it was not as bad as it was after the Kaiser Half. I did begin to suspect that the real culprit was not a medical issue (as confirmed by the x-ray from the doctor’s), but rather, a form and shoes issue.

Which leads me to my next topic, which is… shoes. For the last four years, I have been super loyal to Asics GT-2140’s (or, as they were called when I first donned them back in the day, GT-2100’s). However, it also occurred to me that in 4 years, I might very well have evolved in my form and maybe these shoes were no longer the right ones for me. Guess what? My suspicion was right. Turns out, I am no longer a “pronator,” as I was when I first started on this running adventure, and the GT-2140’s are “too much shoe.” I was outfitted with the Asics Nimbus, and so far so good.

In fact, I wore the new shoes on my 10K yesterday, where coincidentally I set a new 10K PR ๐Ÿ™‚ (not that I’m implying that this is was a direct consequence of the new shoes, but they did feel pretty good!).

So what is next? Enjoying my taper and getting myself mentally ready for the daunting task for marathon #2. It’s especially daunting for me, as I will be forced to run it without my wonderful running buddy, Janine, who got injured this season. I think that will be my biggest mental challenge, but I am determined to do well for the both of us.

One thought on “Of 20-milers, 10K’s, and new shoes

  1. Great progress! How did you figure out the shoe thing? Was it mostly Running Revolution, or did you read something or talk to others?I haven’t changed shoes in years and wonder if a change might do me good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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