The early bird gets the… oatmeal cranberry cookie?

Picture it: 6AM. Thursday. Campbell Park. The weekly Thursday-we-show-up-every-week-all-year-whether-during-the-season-and-offseason buddy run went off without a hitch this morning, and we had a full house–er… full park. The regulars welcomed the brand new Summer season participants, who bravely showed up at the crack of dawn with smiles and their spiffy white TNT shirts.

Always a great experience to run with folks in the early morning hour–nothing makes people bond faster than having to shake off the sleepiness together and conquer that trail. And occasionally, we even have a treat or two. I am known to bring my banana bread when we have someone to send off to their event, but today, Gabby brought yummy oatmeal cranberry cookies for us to try.

Let’s just say that I asked for the recipe ;).

Great job everyone–see you all next week!

Picture courtesy of Gabby. Thanks, Gabby!!

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