T-minus 3 days

Oh, it’s that familiar feeling: the nerves/excitement/incredulity of an upcoming race. This Sunday’s Napa-To-Sonoma Half Marathon will be my 9th half (well, technically my 10th, but I walked my first one) and it doesn’t really matter how many of these I do–or whether it’s a 5K, 10K, or a run around the block–when I put on that race bib and line up with other runners to cross a start line (and, presumably, cross a finish line eventually–so far, so good, I’ve finished each time), I get nervous.

This time is no exception. I knew it was fast approaching, but now that it’s only days away, I’m getting increasingly anxious. I’m more so than normal because it’s the first one in a long time (maybe even the first ever?) where I didn’t really train leading up to it. Oh sure, I’ve been running, but I’ve been following the team’s training schedule, which has had us on a different mileage plan than what would be if I had been formally training for this half. Technically speaking, I should be in “taper” right now–resting and doing light workouts in order to conserve my energy for Sunday. Let’s just say I’m not really tapering right now :). Heavy leg workout on Monday, Yasso 800’s at track last night (a special kind of torture–oops, I mean workout to help predict your finishing time at your event), upper body weights today, 5-mile buddy run tomorrow morning, and more upper body weights on Friday. And oh, have I mentioned not getting a ton of sleep this week?

Not the ideal circumstances for sure, but I am still looking forward to donning that bib, crossing that finish line, and getting my medal. I had been hoping to set a new personal record at this race, but now I think it might be better to take the pressure off and just approach it as another training run–one in which I’ll get a medal, of course :). My goal is just to not totally stink ;). If I can come close to my last PR or match it, I’ll be happy (of course, I wouldn’t mind beating it!).

And hey, when all else fails, there’s always the wine tasting after the race :).

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