A new home, a new look

Welcome to the brand new home for my running blog, the place where I wax philosophical about running, fitness, nutrition, fundraising, and sometimes unrelated things that amuse and/or confound me. But mostly, it’s about the running and the many adventures it’s led me to :).

And speaking of adventures, here’s what I’ve been up to since we last spoke:

  • Matching my PR at the U.S. Half Marathon in San Francisco in November
  • Embarking on Valerie Waters’ fantabulous circuit workouts
  • Incorporating Cathe Friedrich’s new HIIT workouts into my routine (these are KILLER)
  • Re-dedicating myself once more to the Eat Clean Diet, as outlined by Tosca Reno
  • Became a flexitarian! Incorporating more vegetarian meals into my eating
  • Starting a new plan to phase sugar out of my eating

Lots of good stuff in the health and fitness realm!

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