Monterey, it was nice to see you again

Got to spend the day in one of my favorite cities yesterday: Monterey. I volunteered to man a TNT water stop with my fellow run girls, as well as Honoree Jack, who’s always inspiring. And the place itself could not be more inspiring for runners–it was an absolute perfect day: sunny, cool, clear as the eye can see (which was surprising, given the fog we had to contend with on the way there).

As always, it was energizing seeing the runners out there, especially the ones running the longest distances they had ever run. There were a few running 18, 20 miles for the first time, and seeing them come in as they finished their run was emotional. It reminded me again of my first 20 miler–a very sweet memory indeed.

As part of our training, we set out to do our own 6 miler. It ended up turning into a 4 miler–we were all pretty tired from doing the water stop and sometimes you gotta just listen to your body when it tells you it’s not having any of it today. I have to be honest: yesterday’s run was a struggle for me from start to finish, but you push through and do what you can, and it always feels good to get the run in anyway.

Volunteering yesterday reminded me of several things: (1) how much I love running, (2) how much I love the people I run (and volunteer) with, and (3) how much further we have to go in this fight against cancer. I recently learned that a friend was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, and this has been weighing on my mind a lot lately. Today, it really hit me, a delayed reaction of sorts.

I never really need motivation to keep coming back to TNT; it’s a part of my life now, and I look forward to doing it every summer. But this season, I will have an extra reason to kick cancer’s butt. For my friend and those in her shoes right now, raising their fists high against a disease that is relentless, I’m honored and humbled to join them in their fight. We will win.

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