Getting down to business

Tomorrow marks the first substantial run of our training for the Santa Cruz Half in April: 8 miles. Up till now, my running partner and I have been averaging about 10 miles a week (4 on the weekly buddy run; 4-6 on the weekend runs), but now we enter the “serious” phase of training: 8-10 miles. We’ll peak at 10, then taper in the 2-3 weeks leading up to the race, though for me, taper will come early, since I will be on vacation in Italy a month before hand (and no, I will not be bringing along my running shoes).

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little freaked. Oh I know I’ve done 8 miles before, and I’ve done half marathons before, so I know I can do it; I’m just worried about the run itself being, well… sucky :). My stamina is definitely not where it normally is when I’m in my full on training mode, but I know I won’t get there by being all wimpy and easing off on training runs. So I will do my best tomorrow and just get out there–hopefully it will be a good day. It’s always fun with my girls, but hopefully the run itself will be just as enjoyable.

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