I hate cancer

Just an hour ago, I was laughing with two good friends, after having just finished a tough run. It was a 7.5 mile run and we were giving Janine a hard time because she made us go an extra .5 mile beyond just the 7 we were scheduled to do today.

Now the extra .5 mile seems so incredibly insignificant in light of things, because I just learned that a friend–with whom I had just recently reconnected–passed away this morning from stage 4 ovarian cancer. She was just getting ready to do her last round of chemo and was in such great spirits, despite the fact that there had been tumors found in her lungs, brain, bones, and lymph nodes. I knew then that this would be a tough battle for her, but didn’t say anything because I wanted to believe in a miracle. Especially for her.

She was only 26 and such a beautiful soul. I can’t stop crying at the thought that we’ve now lost her.

I never need any extra motivation to keep coming back season after season to TNT, but this season, I’m sad to say I will have even more drive, more determination than before to find an end to this disease. I will run with her name on my shirt and the thought of her in my heart. I know she’ll be with me when I cross the finish line.

One thought on “I hate cancer

  1. Just over 90 years ago my grandmother’s closest childhood companion, her sister died at the age of 23 of ovarian cancer. My grandmother felt her loss for the rest of her life. We have had 90 years to stop this killer and we have failed. It needs to stop now!

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