I get by with a little help from my friends…

Me and Janine

Me and my running buddy, Janine (photo by Janine Penney)

By all accounts, today was supposed to be a sucky day. It was supposed to rain–hard–and be windy and although I had been training for this race, my trip to Italy, which came towards the end of my training, slowed my momentum by a lot and I went into taper with a whimper, not a bang.

But did that mean I had a bad race? Nope. In fact, I set a new personal record. That’s right, read ’em and weep: 2:32:12 (*unofficial time from the Garmin; the official time to come later, once the Santa Cruz Half website updates with results :)). That’s nearly 4 minutes faster than my previous PR of 2:36. Woot!

And I couldn’t have done it alone. I of course had my fabulous running partner, Janine, who ran with me 90% of the way. We got separated in the end, thanks to a pesky charley horse that kept trying to take my left calf (and then my right one, eventually) hostage. But both of us still managed to PR, so it’s all good.

Of course, I can’t forget someone else who played a rather important role today: my angel, Siobhan, who I swear got me through the last 4 miles, which–I’m not going to lie–totally sucked eggs. I was battling cramps, swirls of rain water, and wind that threatened to topple me over once or twice (or ten times). But I got through it, and I know she was the one carrying me through–’cause I sure as heck wasn’t doing anything at that point anymore ;).

Thank you, girl. Big hugs from me.

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