Because sometimes, it’s about the food

Enjoying the post-run feast at the Waffle Fest

It’s week #2 of Summer Season training, which can mean only one thing: Waffle Fest!

Every summer, after the second coached run of the season, Captain Steve (or sometimes Mentor Debra) hosts the annual (and very popular) post-run Waffle Fest at his beautiful home. Not only is it a chance to gorge on yummy food after 4-6 miles, but we get to know our new teammates and Honorees, as well as pass on some of our “wisdom” to the newbies about the (not so) scary world of fundraising.

But back to the food… It’s  a recurring theme amongst TNTers (and probably runners in general). When we’re running, we’re talking about what we’re going to eat afterwards. After we run, we eat. And then we talk about what we’re going to eat after the next run. See a pattern here? Food is glue that holds us together, the bond that unites us all.

We get together week after week to put our bodies through what some would call torture (and yes, it’s all voluntary). We all have wonderful reasons for doing so: we want to give back to an incredibly worthy cause (hey, someone’s got to kick cancer’s ass and make it cry like a little girl), get in shape, and hang out with our friends. But always, always, there’s the food.

It really does come back to the food at some point :).

Thanks to the Schaniels for hosting this fabulous feast. Can’t wait till next year’s!

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