PR, baby!

New 5K PR tonight! 30:04, which beats my old PR of 31:15 by over a minute :).

Ok, so I felt like throwing up in the end, but I did it! And I’m so glad I did!

I do think someone upstairs gave me a little extra wind in my sails tonight. Before the actual time trial started, we got to hear two of our Honorees tell us their inspiring stories of beating cancer, and as always, listening to their stories made me cry as I thought about the brutal treatments that Siobhan had to go through. After they were done, I walked over to our “Honoree board” and wrote her name down, so that she can serve as an inspiration not only to me, but to the rest of my team. Everyone should have gotten the chance to get to know her and if this is the way they will get to do so, then I will make sure they have this little piece of her.

I thought of her throughout the run today. In those final two laps on the track (a BIG thank you to Jesi for hanging in there with me and getting me to the finish!), I gotta be honest: I wanted nothing more than to just stop what I was doing and run to the nearest bathroom to puke my guts out. But I thought of her and how she would have cheered me on till the last step and I kept on going.

So thank you, Siobhan. I say this every training session, but you have no idea how you are carrying me through every time.


For Siobhan, always

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