Today was the first long run since the beyond amazing Jungle Run Half, in which I was magically able to run all the way through (a first!), thereby stripping a whole 12 minutes from my previous best time. 12 miles were on tap for today, and it was time to put myself to the test again: was I going to be able to repeat my feat and run the entire way for 12 miles? Or was the half in fact just a one-time occurrence and lightning was not going to strike the same spot again?

I was going to find out.

From the get-go, the elements were on my side yet again. As it was with the Jungle Run, today’s weather was perfect run weather: cool and no sun in sight. We even got a breeze from time to time! It stayed this way up until the last mile or so, and because of this, I was able to have a fantastic run yet again. And yes, in case anyone was wondering, I DID manage to repeat my feat. No walk breaks :).

I ended up averaging a 10:50 min mile pace, which was slightly slower than my pace for the Jungle Half, but long training runs are not when you want to be working on speed (hint, hint to some of my teammates ;)), so I was cool with that. The main thing that I was happy with was how great I felt afterwards–I really wish I could bottle this feeling! Everyone should feel that at some point in their lives :).

In other news, I have officially exceeded my fundraising minimum. Thanks to a generous $100 volunteer grant from the eBay Foundation, I have now raised $1525 to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and I can’t thank my donors enough for their generosity, support, and encouragement. Those of you who’ve been reading this blog know that it’s been a tough and incredibly emotional season for me this time around–and truly, they will likely be tough for me from here on out. But knowing that I have such amazing people in my life who helped me honor my friends, Siobhan and Evan, in the right way is a blessing beyond words.

Thank you can’t quite capture it enough, but… THANK YOU.

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