Back from the brink (or “The Battered Body Strikes Back”)

There comes a time in one’s training when either illness or injury comes to wreak some havoc. I’ve been supremely lucky this season so far (*knock on wood*) with the latter, thanks to my ace team of my wonder chiropractor, Dr. Carley, and my awesome acupuncturist, Master Van, but it seems I couldn’t completely avoid getting sick after all.


This Monday started out a little funky already, and I should have known then that something was awry. When one wakes up and nearly stumbles over from dizziness, that’s a sure sign that not everything is a-ok, right? But did I heed this warning? No. I chalked it up to not getting enough sleep the night before and proceeded to do one of the more intense workouts you could do: a high intensity interval workout, followed by a tough weights circuit.

Little wonder why just a few hours later, I felt as though my insides had crawled up my throat and were ready to, ahem… explode.

I came home early from work that day and pretty much passed out on the couch. No “expelling” went on that day (at least not from my mouth), but needless to say, I felt as though I were on a rickety little boat trying to navigate the roughest of seas in the middle of a monsoon. Catch my drift?

Ginger ale, jello, and applesauce: a sick girl's fuel

Ginger ale, jello, and applesauce: a sick girl's fuel

I didn’t eat anything for the next 16 hours and the next morning when I did attempt something (a teaspoon or two of jello), it promptly, er… well, it let me know it didn’t want to be in my stomach for very long. And that pretty much gives you an idea of how the next few days went, until today: the first day of feeling semi-normal again. Hurrah!

Which is just in time for this weekend’s 16 mile run, which, I’m not going to lie, is scaring me a little. Since I’ve been out of commission for a few days now and had a really rough run in my last long run, I’m a little scared that this weekend’s run will kick my butt. Majorly. And with my two running buddies in peak form right now and trying out a new strategy of run/jog (vs. our old stand-by of run/walk), I’m feeling a little out of my element!

But that’s what training is all about, and it is training after all, not the race. If I’m going to feel scared/intimidated/worried/whatever, now’s the time to be those things, I suppose, not during the actual race.

So, bring on the 16 miles. I may have a hard time running it, but by God, I shall run it :).

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