Lucky to run 20 miles

Nine years ago, I was living in NYC and terrified out of my mind after living through one of the most horrific events of our modern times. I was one of the lucky few who came out of this unscathed, and today, as I got ready to run my 20 miler, I couldn’t help but think that I was incredibly lucky to be alive to not only run it, but to run it and save lives because of it.

The run itself was quite the roller coaster. The first 10 miles were pretty good, but then my knee and heel decided to start making some trouble and I had to adjust my pace and insert more walk breaks to ease up on the intensity. Thankfully I had my running buddies to get me through–and an abundance of dragonflies.

The last mile, something switched on and I got the second wind I was looking for. I picked up the pace again and ran it in strong, and now, taper has officially begun.

9/11 is always an incredibly difficult day for me, but today was a gift and a reminder that those of us who got through it owe it to those who didn’t to make a difference with the time we were given.

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