Here we go again…

Did I really sign up to do a half marathon a week after a full marathon? And did I really choose the Nike Half Marathon–aka hills, hills, and more hills–of all half marathons I could have possibly chosen?


Why yes, I did.


Look, there's my name on the "wall of names" at Nike Town. I guess it's official now--I have to "just do it"!

Look, there's my name on the "wall of names" at Nike Town. I guess it's official now--I have to "just do it"!

When I declared at the start of the season that I was going to make the ambitious attempt at doing three races in a row–San Jose Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon, Victoria Marathon, and Nike Half Marathon, I didn’t quite have the full grasp of what I was actually signing up for. As the season wore on and reality set in (and the intimidation factor of trying to break my previous marathon PR by at least 30 min sunk in), I decided to drop out of the Rock ‘N Roll race after all. But that still left my two back-to-back events (plus a third in November that I registered for on a whim: the Morgan Hill Marathon Relay), and now that the first of the two is over, I’m starting to feel that slight panic again.


Of course, it helps to remind myself why I signed up for this particular race in the first place: the gear.


Oh the pretties...

With Nike as the sponsor, was there ever any doubt that the race gear would be nothing short of fabulous?

Just kidding. (Well, sort of–I mean, the gear IS pretty rockin’).


Of course, the REAL reason I am doing this race–and all of the other races I’ve done this season–is to honor my heroes.


You and me again, little dragonfly

You and me again, little dragonfly

This one in particular has double meaning: not only is it an official Team In Training event, but the race itself is a benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so by running in this race, I am directly helping to put money into the hands of those amazing cancer researchers, doctors, nurses, and educators. That’s something worthwhile indeed.


Now, I can’t promise I’ll run this one all the way through. I will do my best, but I will probably switch to run/walk at some point (maybe even walking altogether ;)). But I am hoping that when that gun goes off tomorrow and the race officially starts, my fatigue will fall by the wayside and I will be able to conquer that course the way I conquered the one in Victoria.


With my dragonfly flying beside me, how could I not?

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