When I say “Go,” you say “TEAM”!

Most people probably think of running as a solitary sport. After all, there’s really no obvious need for another person (or two or three) to join you on a run. But after 5 years of running with my Team In Training team, I’ve come to learn that running is indeed–contrary to popular belief–a team sport.


And not to brag, but I happen to be on the best team there ever was :).


How can I possibly assert this? Picture it: 7:30 on a gray, drizzly, cold-ish Saturday morning–the kind of morning that begs for you to sleep in and/or cozy up with a book and a mug of steaming hot chocolate–and in the parking lot of Los Gatos High School were 15 or so of my closest running buddies, all pumped and ready to hit the trail.


The summer training season ended last week, and with it, the formal training calendar that all of us were following. There are no official events to train for, no official coach-led runs that we’re semi-obligated to attend. There was absolutely no reason for any of us to be there other than the sole purpose of getting to hang out with everyone again and go for a nice run. And 15 of us showed up.


If that’s not an awesome team, then I don’t know what is :).


I love my team!

I love my team!

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