Week one down–only five more to go!

Well, I survived week 1 of being injured. The official diagnosis: fractured ankle and ligament tear. Six weeks in a walking boot (thankfully, the injury isn’t so bad that it required a permanent cast), and no activities for the first three weeks. At week 4, I will be able to incorporate biking, swimming, or aqua jogging–as long as I feel no pain–and at week 6, I will get another set of x-rays done to see whether the break has healed properly.

I will find out at that point whether I’m cleared to start running again, and I am crossing my fingers that that’s the case.

In the meantime, I am being proactive by calling upon my crack team of medical personnel (hey, it takes a village to keep me healthy :)). My acupuncturist is treating the injury to speed up the healing process (he tells me he can get it to heal twice as quickly; I trust him to do so!), and my wonder chiropractor, Carley, is using kineso tape and ART massage to promote the healing process for my ligament damage.

Judging by the fact that after one week I: (1) have no pain, (2) am able to walk on it (though I am limiting this, obviously, and wearing the boot 90% of the time, per doctor’s orders), and (3) have no swelling, I think I am on my way to being back in the game in the predicted 6 weeks. Let’s hope. It’s still no guarantee that I’ll be cleared to run in 6 weeks’ time–and even if I am, I imagine it’ll be a little bit more time before I’m back in fighting shape and will need to build back up slowly. I’m hoping that it won’t take TOO long to build back up, since I am eying a half marathon in late May, and I’m still hoping to PR in my next half, so my body needs to cooperate :).

I am counting down to week 4, when I can start incorporating cardio. Right now, I feel like a total slug. I don’t want to be stupid and do anything to jeopardize the healing process, though, so I am being a good girl and following doctor’s orders. The last thing I need is to delay the healing or set myself back, so I am practicing patience (apparently the universe thinks I need to practice this particular trait :)). Next week, however, I am going to start doing some upper body strength training to at least get some exercise in. I found a few circuit routines that can be done entirely while sitting or lying down on a bench, so I won’t ever have to put pressure on the ankle. Doing SOMETHING will help me feel less like a slug, which will be a good thing.

In the meantime, I am trying not to eat my weight in food, as I normally do. Luckily, with the significant decrease in activity, I am not as famished as I usually am, so I’m able to keep the calories to the lower end of my range and not feel as though I want to gnaw my arm off. Still, it’ll be nice to get some activity going again, so I can indulge a little bit. It’s Christmas, after all, and all the good stuff is out. Hard to say no to the Christmas stollen and lebkuchen when I’m not getting any exercise right now.

Here’s to healing quickly… 🙂

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