Back in the saddle…

6 week check-up today, and… drum roll, please…


No more fracture boot! Huzzah! I’m not quite 100% healed yet (according to the doctor, the bone is 95% healed; don’t ask me how she came upon the percentage)–in fact, I’ve probably got another month or so before I am back to normal–but I won’t have to wear the boot anymore and more importantly, I’ve got the clearance to start resuming all normal activity :).


This means I can finally do weight training for my lower body, using the elliptical, easing back into yoga and pilates, and, my favorite of all: running. Well, it’ll be more run/walking for now, and because my cardio capacity is bound to be next to nothing right now (yes, stationary bikes work your cardio, but let’s face it–nothing really compares to the cardio capacity that running requires), I’ll be limited to shorter runs for the time being. But this entire experience was an exercise in patience, so I will stick to doctor’s orders and work with my running coach to slowly get back into the swing of things.


I’m hoping that I’ll be ready to run a half marathon in May; I’m eying one towards the end of that month. I’m hoping to set a PR there, too, but I’ll have to be flexible and see how my body recovers. It’s no fun not being able to have more of a say in what I’m capable of doing, but I’m in this thing for the long haul, so there’s no point in sabotaging the long-term goals to achieve short-term ones.


For now, I’m just happy I get to run again :).

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