Wait, I thought this was the SUMMER team?

57 degrees, pouring down rain, runners dressed in rain-proof gear, tights, and long-sleeve shirts…


Is it really JUNE?


So it’s not exactly the kind of beginning to the summer season that most of us are used to… It’s not often that we’re giving advice to the newbies about how to dress in inclement weather and reassuring them that, despite rumors to the contrary, we will indeed NOT melt in the rain. Guaranteed. But it’s that kind of summer season so far, and I’m so proud of the team for not only showing up for today’s run, but actually braving the downpour and running 3-5 miles.


It just goes to show that the cause that brings us altogether is enough to awaken the crazy–er, I mean, the dedicated in all of us. So the next time it’s pouring down like this and you are in the comfort in your own home, snuggling in a blanket and sipping hot chocolate, think of us poor folk who are out there running in the name of kicking cancer’s ass.


And please save a room for us by the fireplace when we’re done :).


"Break out the umbrella, ella, ella..."

Break out the umbrella, ella, ella...


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