How does the weather know when a time trial is coming up?

It’s time trial time once again, when the team runs a 5K all out to get broken up into pace groups that we’ll be in throughout the remainder of the season, to space out the runners on the trail. The process tends to be a little nerve-wracking, even to those of us who have done it many times before–let’s face it, most of us are perfectionists and want to outdo last season’s time, and I’m definitely no exception :).

And once again, it seems the weather knows exactly when we’re about to do a time trial, because the temperatures all of a sudden heated up just for the occasion. For the third (or is it the fourth?) straight summer, we look to have another scorcher on our hands just in time to do our time trial. Nothing like running all out in excessive heat and hoping you don’t pass out.

Wish me luck, folks–I shall report back with results when it is all done.

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