There’s only one direction to go from here, and that’s up

Made a startling discovery tonight. I’m human (shh, try not to spread the word; I’ve got a reputation to uphold). Yes, the heat really did get to me and I had a really bad time trial–didn’t even finish all 12 laps around the track and had to stop at 10 because my stomach was not very happy near the end.

Ok, not the result I wanted. Far from it. Before I stopped, I was on track to finish the 5K in over 32 minutes–easily my worst time in three years and more than 4 minutes slower than last summer’s time trial. Ouch. But it happened and the earth didn’t swallow me whole. My ego is bruised (severely), but thankfully, the ego heals, albeit sometimes a little more slowly than we’d like :). And when it does heal, I will kick my own butt and beat last year’s time. If the heat cooperates this time, I might just do it, too.

But lest I feel too sorry for myself, the night ended on a very positive note, which put all of this into proper perspective. As tradition after track, we had one of our Honorees give a short, inspirational talk. Tonight, it was Honoree Todd’s turn to tell his story, and we heard his new addendum for the first time: 12 years after his initial diagnosis of cancer, he received the miraculous news that he’s now passed the time period in which they were sure his cancer would come out of remission and return. And this means that he is now in the very, very small minority of people with this type of cancer who is now unlikely to see a recurrence of it.

He is, essentially, cured.

A to the men.

Sucky time trials don’t really hold much weight compared to this, no?

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