Moral victories

Week 4 of marathon training and we’ve begun to ramp up our mileage…

Saturday’s training run was an 8 miler, which was quite a jump for me; I hadn’t run more than 4 miles since the 10K I ran in mid-March, when I had just recovered from my broken ankle–before a rib injury, migraines, and the cold from hell took me out of commission again and stopped my momentum cold. Needless to say, I was somewhat nervous about running this far, with my cardio still a bit iffy from all of the stops and starts of the past few months, but the whole point of training is to get our body slowly adjusted to the growing mileage, so I set aside the nerves and showed up for the run, hoping for the best.

It turned out that I had nothing to worry about. Sure, it took a while to warm up and I found myself a bit out of breath for the first mile or two, but soon enough, I was starting to get my wind, and thanks to my running partner, Leah, the miles breezed by quickly.

An hour and 31 minutes later, I had logged 8.11 miles (overachievers r us ;)) and was feeling pretty triumphant. Not only did I get all the miles in that I set out to run, but I felt strong and good at the end of the whole thing, which in itself is a victory after the last few months of health woes that I’ve had to endure.

Is it the start of my comeback? I sure hope so…

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

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